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From peaceful shores to the open sea, from foaming breakers to crystalline expanses, Van Cleef & Arpels has let its gaze drift to the far horizon. The ever-changing spectacle of the waves and the grace of the sea's denizens have captivated its senses to inspire a new collection of High Jewelry: Seven Seas.

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Indian and
Atlantic Oceans
Caspian Sea Black Sea Red Sea Arabian Sea Mediterranean Sea Adriatic Sea

Indian and
Atlantic Oceans

Off the African coast, the Atlantic Ocean blends its invigorating waters with the warm currents of the Indian Ocean in a lapping of foam. Home to mysterious fauna, their depths constitute an invitation to an impetuous journey, mid-way between dream and reality.

Caspian Sea

Embraced by the land, the Caspian Sea guards its riches at the frontier of the Caucasus and the Middle East. Stirred by stormy waves or sparkling in the sunlight, it blossoms into a gradation of intense, velvety blues.

Black Sea

At a cultural crossroads between Europe and Asia, the Black Sea inspires fascination with its mysterious name. Chiaroscuro scenes fill the Maison's imagination: a nocturnal crossing accompanied by fish, or the soft clarity of moonlight on the shore.

Red Sea

Between North Africa and the Middle East, the Red Sea is home to submarine fauna of rare beauty. Diamond bubbles, cascades of pearls and flamboyant shellfish together suggest the sun's glow on the glittering waves.

Arabian Sea

Like a sailor on the Arabian Sea, the Maison crosses waters and admires the reflections of the heavens on the sleeping waves. This sea, whose warm waters caress the shores of India and the Arabian Peninsula, bears the seductive force of Oriental splendors.

Mediterranean Sea

Beneath an azure sky bathed in light, the Maison contemplates the dancing reflections of the Mediterranean. Famous for its shades of blue, the sea, rich in legends, undulates beneath the watchful gaze of its protective guardians, pink flamingos and sea fairies.

Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea reveals its clear water lagoons and verdant coastline in the calm of a summer's day. Captivated by this subtle landscape, Van Cleef & Arpels flits between sunny harbors and ancient cities, cooled by the sea breeze.