Perlée rings take on dazzling hues

Ever since its creation, the Perlée collection has been distinguished by delicate golden beads tracing refined and ethereal jewelry. Today, six new creations contribute dazzling notes of color to the collection. Reigning majestically at the crown of a ring, malachite, tiger’s eye and onyx embellish the solar radiance of yellow gold – which also takes pride of place in an all-gold model. The warm tone of carnelian complements the softness of pink gold to form a delicate harmony. Lastly, turquoise and white gold compose a luminous duet that blends gracefully with the Maison’s other white gold creations.

From the selection of its materials to the intricate polishing of the gold, each Perlée couleurs ring reflects the Maison’s unique expertise. Epitomizing the Maison’s tradition of excellence,

these high standards and attention to detail infuse each jewel with the emotion of a rare piece.

Discover the new Perlée couleurs creations.