"Jean Vendome, Artist Jeweler" exhibition

October 8, 2020

"Jean Vendome, Artist Jeweler" exhibition

L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts bring to light the universe of this adventurous creator, who, as a true artist, set about creating his own world. He bucked fashion trends with his own personal and pioneering style, which means that his pieces have personality, but are also visually balanced owing to their proportionality with the golden ratio. Simple yet sophisticated, powerful yet intricate, eccentric yet well-designed, constructed and deconstructed, Jean Vendome’s jewelry is emotional and never rational. In order to be appreciated fully, it must be loved and understood, as it is the jewelry that chooses the wearer.


    During the temporary closing

    of our exhibition,

    L’ÉCOLE invites you on a

    digital promenade,

    to go further in your discovery

    of the universe of this

    revolutionary artist jeweler.