Jewelry Zodiaque

Inspired by the fascination that the heavens have always exerted over the Maison’s imagination, the Zodiac theme appeared in Van Cleef & Arpels’ collections from the 1950s onwards.


The creations celebrate the symbolism of the constellations and blend two of the Maison’s cherished sources of inspiration: nature and astronomy.

In a veritable homage to the colored pendants designed by Van Cleef & Arpels in the 1970s, twelve long necklaces are adorned with motifs on both sides, like a genuine three-dimensional tableau. In a graphic aspect reminiscent of Art Deco compositions, animals and characters are depicted in relief in the foreground, while the elements evoking fire, air, water or earth are represented in the background. A selection of ornamental stones adds the finishing touch to the backgrounds of these relief tableaux. Chosen individually for their aesthetic characteristics, the rich diversity of stones  come together to form harmoniously colored ensembles for each element. 


A second set of twelve pieces offers a contemporary vision of the yellow gold medals. The creations are adorned on both sides with depictions and dates of the signs of the Zodiac, in a subtle interplay of relief. 

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