The Pomme de pin clip, a feat of jewelry-making

The Pomme de pin clip portrays three navette Mystery SetTM pinecones poised on a diamond branch budding with young shoots. A true feat of jewelry-making, this piece sparkles with Navette Mystery Set sculptures created with emeralds and diamonds. This procedure is particularly demanding because emeralds, which comprise the first two pinecones, are the most delicate of precious stones. As for the marquise-cut diamonds that adorn the third pinecone, the challenge lies in setting them so that the underlying gold, invisible at surface level, does not alter the transparency and clarity of the stones.

It took 10 years to design and create this clip, part of the Quatre Contes de Grimm collection. Selecting the stones was a five-year endeavor, as emeralds are particularly difficult to match in terms of both color and purity. 4,500 hours of exacting work were then necessary to perfect this stunning piece of High Jewelry.