Kunsthandwerk in der Uhrenherstellung



    For these new Extraordinary Dials™ watches, Van Cleef & Arpels has instigated a partnership with Nelly Saunier, a feather artist. Thanks to the delicate techniques of miniature feather art, Enchanting Nature takes on three dimensions to endow the birds with shimmering natural plumage.

    The miniature feather art requires perfect familiarity with the organic material. The Maître d’art searches the bird’s coat for the feather that matches the desired effect: colors, overtones, density and texture. She studies  each feather, selecting those sections where tones and variations of multiple colors shimmer according to the spectrum of light and the angle of vision. Once carefully chosen, they are smoothed and stuck down. They are then delicately trimmed and inserted to fit the design of the composition. The artist plays with thicknesses to produce relief effects and with light and shade to enhance the three-dimensional aspect.

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