Lucky Animals® collection

    Within this adorable group, these endearing animals seem to come to life by standing in mischievous poses.

    Let yourself be moved by their tender charm! Discover the movie
    Lucky Animals®
    Browse our selection

    Lucky Animals®

    Browse our selection

    The Lion clip

    Made of tiger’s eye and onyx, the little lion is watching us amused.

    Watch your step!

    The Squirrel clip

    The squirrel is greedy and lively just like the colour of his beautiful carnelian fur.

    Will you be able to catch him ?

    The Dog clip

    The little dog is whimsical and playful and he seems to be listening to us.

    Look how loyal he is!

    When creations seem to come to life

    Once assembled within each other or with mother-of-pearl, the selected stones confer each clip with singularity and style.

    Come and see these creations rise
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