Creations from the
    1980s and after
    Creations from the
    1980s and after

    Following the "Trente Glorieuses" – the thirty years after the Second World War –, the 1980s were marked by a resurgence of simplicity and sobriety. The jewelry creations were more classic and distinguished by geometric patterns and the use of mixed materials.

    1980_2_640x640 - Copie
    Bracelet, Circa 1994

    Originally used by the Maison in the 1910s, wood reappears in its collections from the 1970s. Pieces in the Heritage collection highlight this warm, living material. 

    As in the 1970s, creations from the 1980s showcased stunning color combinations.

    1980_3_640x874 - Copie
    Marqueterie earrings and clip, 1985


    Graphic patterns characterize the pieces from the Heritage collection, produced at the end of the 20th century.

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