Creation Highlights

    The Pont des Amoureux timepiece


    Paris’ Pont des Arts, that uniquely romantic setting, symbolizes the union between the two banks of the Seine. In this timepiece, it also represents the beginning of a love story. 

    Thanks to the complex Retrograde movement which animates its dial, two characters meet for a kiss at noon and midnight. 

    Their poetic embrace on the Pont des Amoureux symbolizes life’s happiest moments: those which are devoted to love.

    The moonlight which bathes the Parisian façades is highlighted by an enameling technique used on a watch for the very first time: Contre-Jour enamel. 

    By meticulously hand-painting details in black and white, a spectacular and mysterious effect of architectural relief is obtained.

    The Pont des Amoureux timepiece: the beginning of a love story.

    The Contre-Jour enameling technique

    For Van Cleef & Arpels, attention to detail is a veritable art form. Miniature versions of the two lovers have been skillfully inserted into the mechanism, as reminders of Love hidden in the heart of the timepiece. The dial also contains a reference to luck, with a single gold spot in the sky representing the Great Bear constellation.

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