"Light of flowers" exhibition

The Maison, together with the artist Atsunobu Katagiri, held the "Light of Flowers" exhibition at Daikanyama T-Site Garden Gallery from April 22nd to May 9th 2021. 


Ikebana artist Atsunobu Katagiri created an installation inspired by the creative world of the Maison, presenting Van Cleef & Arpels' creations in an atmosphere imbued with Japanese poetry. Walk around this delicate garden and discover both the exhibition and the Maison's Flora universe with some quotes from the artists who participated to the "My vision of Flowers" online talk events that took place alongside the exhibition.


Atsunobu Katagiri

A flower arrangement artist, his Ikebana style ranges from traditional to contemporary art approach. Atsunobu Katagiri has collaborated with many artists in different fields and has written extensively on the subject of ikebana. From small wildflowers to large-scale installation works using his long-term theme, cherry blossoms, his art deepens the "animistic" aspect of Ikebana's origin while creating spaces through flowers.

  • Atsunobu Katagiri holding a Rose de Noël clip, Van Cleef & Arpels

    Atsunobu Katagiri holding a Rose de Noël clip

  • Atsunobu Katagiri, Van Cleef & Arpels

    Atsunobu Katagiri


Nature is one of the Maison’s sources of inspiration, imbuing creations with vitality and poetic grace. Fascinated by the constant metamorphoses that enliven the plant world, the Maison echoes the infinite forms and nuances of flora, crystallizing the lightness of a bouquet or the freshness of wildflowers. Among a dazzling, eternal spring, poppies commune with daisies, while lilies of the valley mingle with cherry blossoms, all transformed into jewels by the Mains d’Or™ in the Place Vendôme workshops. 

Rose de Noël, Frivole, Lotus, Extraordinary Dials… so many collections which nowadays give pride of place to flowers. Corollas of stones and diamonds deploy themselves in the Maison's garden.