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Duos de couleurs
Color Duos
Camaïeux de couleurs
Color Combination
Palette de couleurs
Color Palette


S even years ago, the first Pierres de Caractère collection was created to celebrate Van Cleef & Arpels centenary. Today, the Maison is once again paying homage to the beauty of gems, their enchanting hues and the emotions they evoke. This new chapter, entitled Pierres de Caractère - Variations, gives pride of place to dazzling color combinations and exceptional stones endowed with a spiritual quality.
  • Duos de couleurs
    Color Duos
  • Camaïeux de couleurs
    Color Combination
  • Palette de couleurs
    Color Palette
  • Oriental Princess necklace and detachable clip

  • This necklace combines two of the Maison’s cherished traditions: exceptional stones and the influence of the Orient. With its volutes, it evokes the atmosphere of the One Thousand and One Nights and the beauty of the enchanting Scheherazade.
  • White gold, round, pear-shaped and baguette-cut diamonds, buff-top baguette-cut, pear-shaped and cushion-cut rubies (origin
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  • Ancolie Précieuse ring

  • In its appearance, the ring evokes the finely serrated corolla of a columbine in full bloom. This elegant flower with its slender stem is the latest addition to the Maison’s garden, which expands from collection to collection.
  • White gold, round and pear-shaped diamonds, calibrated rubies, 1 cushion-cut D IF type 2A diamond of 9.03 carats.
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  • Precious Light earrings

  • With their extremely rare “buttercup” shade, the two Fancy Vivid Orangy Yellow diamonds of these luminous and ethereal earrings gleam like those yellow flowers so appreciated for their golden hue.
  • White gold, yellow gold, round and baguette-cut diamonds, 2 emerald-cut Fancy Vivid Orangy Yellow diamonds for a total of 9.04 carats. The tassels are detachable.
  • Delight in Colored Diamonds
  • Capri ring

  • This ring pays homage to the illustrious island of Capri, jewel of the Bay of Naples. Round and baguette-cut diamonds lend a dynamic touch to the ring
  • White gold, yellow gold, round and baguette-cut diamonds, 1 oval-cut Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond of 3.24 carats.
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  • Sea Side ring

  • With its bright colors reminiscent of heavenly beaches and its combination of brilliance and gentle curves, this ring evokes the appeal of the new destinations fashionable during the 1950s and 1960s – from Miami to Acapulco, from Palm Springs to Mustique.
  • White gold, baguette-cut diamonds, turquoise, 1 cushion-cut Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond of 5.34 carats.
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  • Matinée d’Orient necklace

  • Theater of an elegant play of colors and materials, the undulating lines and floral motifs of this necklace recall the luxuriance of Iznik ceramics and the refinement of Iranian mosaics, forming an elegant lacework that caresses the skin.
  • White gold, round diamonds, pear-shaped aquamarines, cabochon-cut turquoise.
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  • Geometric Flower bracelet

  • This exquisite bracelet is notable for its geometric lines and dazzling assortment of stones. Repeated almost hypnotically, the motifs emphasize a stylized flower that glitters at the bracelet’s center, lighting up the wrist.
  • White gold, yellow gold, round diamonds, lapis lazuli, pear‑shaped sapphires, round Paraíba-like tourmalines, chrysoprase beads.
  • Flowers, one of Van Cleef & Arpels favorite sources of inspiration
  • Baia Verde necklace

  • This necklace’s evocative name (“green bay” in Italian) and colors pay homage to the verdant vegetation and turquoise waters of Portofino, marvel of the Italian Riviera. This lush piece is crowned by an ensemble of Zambian emeralds weighing a total of 33.29 carats.
  • White gold, round and pear-shaped diamonds, square-cut and round Paraíba-like tourmalines, platinum, emerald beads, 5 pear-shaped emeralds for a total of 33.29 carats (origin
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  • Rayons Précieux set

  • The Rayons Précieux set displays a dazzling gradation of solar hues. Like drops of light, pear‑shaped stones gleam at the tips of the earrings, while glowing sparks seem to fly from the necklace. The invisible articulation technique heightens the lightness that characterizes this radiant necklace.
  • Yellow gold, round diamonds, gradation of round yellow sapphires and Mandarin garnets, pear-shaped Mandarin garnets.
  • Step inside the invisible articulation know-how
  • Summer Cocktail ring

  • Coral, diamonds and mauve sapphires alternate on different levels to create a cascading architecture for this unique piece. Its sweet shades evoke festive pleasures, enjoyed beneath a sunset at Palm Beach or during a summer evening at Acapulco.
  • White gold, round diamonds, pink gold, coral, round mauve sapphires, 21.19 carats.
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  • Lady’s Cocktail ring

  • This ring employs a structure with alternating rows of diamonds and turquoise supporting an engraved rubellite that crowns the ensemble. Delicately held in place by claws of yellow gold, the dome appears to float on an ethereal structure.
  • Yellow gold, round diamonds, carved rubellite, turquoise.
  • Highlight on the Cocktail ring
  • Pongal ring

  • The golden interlacings of this ring recall the ornamental motifs of Mughal art. The woven aspect of the body of the ring evokes some precious cloth, while the emerald and ruby cabochons suggest brightly colored Indian fabrics.
  • Yellow gold, diamonds, cabochon‑cut rubies, 1 cushion‑cut emerald of 27.81 carats (origin
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  • Zip Antique Elegance necklace

  • The Maison’s signature Zip necklace is today adorned with contrasting colors. The combination of opaque and sparkling materials elegantly renews the aesthetic of this emblematic Van Cleef & Arpels creation.
  • Necklace that transforms into a bracelet, white gold, round diamonds, onyx and red coral motifs and beads, white cultured pearls.
  • Introducing the Zip necklace
  • Riflesso Azzurro ring

  • Captivating the eye with its deep blue hue and generous volume, this ring is crowned by an exceptional Sri Lankan sapphire weighing 30.20 carats and inspired by the enchanting landscapes of Capri, the stunning rock of the Bay of Naples.
  • White gold, yellow gold, round, pear-shaped, baguette and triangle-cut diamonds, cabochon-cut emeralds, 1 cushion-cut sapphire of 30.20 carats (origin
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Every stone has a soul of its own
Claude Arpels.
F rom white diamonds to colored gems, from mother-of-pearl to hard stones, the Maison seeks excellence, but also character - that spiritual quality which marks a gem out from its peers.

A tradition dear to the Maison

For over a century, exceptional stones have been at the heart of Van Cleef & Arpels creations as the Maison only selects those with that special charm that makes them Pierres de Caractère™.

Discover their secrets with the Maison Expert Stone Buyer

Travels of the

Arpels brothers

The Arpels brothers were possessed by a genuine passion for stones and a curiosity for the cultures of the world. The journeys they made between the 1950s and the 1970s were rich in fabulous treasures and remarkable encounters.

Follow the trail of the Arpels brothers



From the outset, the story of Van Cleef & Arpels has been punctuated by historic stones and legendary jewels.

Discover these exceptional gems


B uilt around exceptional sets of stones, this new High Jewelry collection stands out as much for its rare gems as it does for its dazzling color combinations. Precious, fine and hard stones combine and contrast, giving rise to new jewelry harmonies born of the Arpels brothers travels.

Far-off inspirations

The Arpels brothers travels during the 1960s and 1970s revived the exotic inspirations so dear to the Maison during its early years. The fascination for the richness of Indian motifs and opulent Oriental color schemes are reinterpreted today.

View Indian-inspired jewelry

Creative audacity


Ways to wear jewelry

The spectacular pieces of this new High Jewelry collection reflect an era of unrestrained elegance in tune with changing lifestyles, when the sense of daring and the unexpected influenced the way jewelry was worn.

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transformability of jewelry

Combinations of

sparkling stones

All throughout this collection, sparkling duets are formed, subtle color gradations and surprisingly bold alliances are made. These enchanting encounters give rise to new emotions as each creation sparks its own special alchemy.

Explore stone combinations
by Van Cleef & Arpels