The art of watch-making

    Vallonné enamel


    In the art of enameling, the way in which the golden base of the dial is prepared makes a wide range of wonderful effects possible, including Vallonné enamel. This technique is used to add depth and subtle changes of tone which suggest movement and liveliness in the composition.

    The “Vallonné” technique consists in giving shape and volume to the dial’s golden base by engraving it irregularly with different levels. Each section is embossed with hill-like reliefs: in areas near the edges, the surface is hollowed out deeper than it is in the middle.

    When enamel is poured onto the base, the color will be darker where the base is deeper and lighter where the base is closer to the surface. After the dial has been fired and polished, the different levels are revealed by subtle color gradations in the composition.

    These nuances create effects of motion and luminosity in the dial, thus bringing it to life.

    This unique process gave rise to the stunning Constellations collection.

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