Exhibition "the Fabulous Destiny of Tavernier’s Diamonds"

The exhibition organized by L’École, School of Jewelry Arts, with the support of Van Cleef & Arpels, tells the story of the diamonds acquired by Louis XIV from the travelling merchant Jean-Baptiste Tavernier in 1668. 


Amongst the several thousand diamonds brought from India by Tavernier and offered to the Sun King, twenty stood out for their breathtaking beauty. Although nobody can say what has become of them, everyone knows how magnificent they were. L'Ecole presents exceptional replicas. 


Permanent exhibition. Free access from January 23rd to 31st 2018, then on appointment.

From Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. 


We invite you to registrer to the 2 conferences held for the occasion:


Thursday, 18th January from 7:30 pm: Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, a life led in adventures and diamonds during the 17th century. 


Thursday, 25th January from 7:30 pm: Jean-Baptiste Tavernier (1605-1689): rediscovered treasures. 


Venue: L’École, School of Jewelry  Arts

31, rue Danielle Casanova, 75001 Paris