A material dear to the Maison, mother-of-pearl is produced naturally in certain shells. It illuminates jewelry creations with its glistening reflections, imparting a spirit of femininity, softness and protection. Particularly prominent in the Alhambra®, Deux Papillons and Rose de Noël™ jewelry collections, mother-of-pearl also adorns Van Cleef & Arpels timepieces.

Mother-of-pearl illuminates jewelry creations with its glistening reflections.


For white mother-of-pearl, the Maison looks primarily toward Australia, which produces a variety renowned for its even surfaces and subtle iridescence. Australia also provides the Maison’s gold mother-of-pearl, selected for its warm hue, satiny surface and lustrous overtone. Finally, gray mother-of-pearl, known for its harmonious gray-silver tones and captivating glow, comes from French Polynesia.



Mother-of-pearl is a delicate material that requires special care. For lasting enjoyment of your creation, the Maison would like to share the following care recommendations.

Mother-of-pearl is a delicate material and should be stored in its own jewelry case lined with cotton fabric. Any contact with other stones could result in scratching.

Chemical products can attack the polished top surface of the mother-of-pearl, leaving it with a matte appearance.  We advise avoiding any direct contact with perfumes, lotions, and hand sanitizer.

Despite the origins of this substance, it is preferable to avoid any contact with water. Mother-of-pearl tends to retract when water evaporates from its surface, making it vulnerable to shrinkage. In case of contact with water, the Maison recommends that you wipe the piece quickly with a soft cloth to prevent any alteration of the design.

To protect the quality of its polish and shine, mother-of-pearl may be gently cleaned using a soft, dry cloth.