Associations of stones


    “Every stone has a soul of its own,” as Claude Arpels used to say. Estelle Arpels' nephew, he travelled the world in search of these wonders, admiring their “living flame”.

    Since its creation, the Maison creates High Jewelry collections that associate rare gems and dazzling color combinations. Already adopted by Van Cleef & Arpels in the 1960s and 1970s, precious, fine and hard stones combine and contrast, giving rise to jewelry that expresses new harmonies.

    “Every stone has a soul of its own”, Claude Arpels

    Gemstone harmonies inspire a sense of wonder; undulating lines express the call of new horizons. 

    On a necklace from 1976, engraved tourmalines add an exuberant flourish to a triple row of amethyst beads; meanwhile, a long necklace from 1972 features a splendid combination of coral, black and green onyx supporting a large medallion. 

    These encounters evoke new emotions, instilling a remarkable alchemy unique to each creation.

    On the Sea Side ring, the luminous blue of turquoise appears to be revealed by the sunny glow of a Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond weighing 5.34 carats, while the Summer Cocktail ring's luxurious pink spinel blooms against a corolla of violet sapphires and coral.

    Delicately radiant, yellow sapphires, mandarin garnets and diamonds compose a gradation of hues on the Rayons Précieux necklace, while the Antique Elegance Zip necklace features onyx, red coral, diamonds and cultured pearls in an elegantly contrasting combination. 

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