The Poetry of Time®


    Whether one sees it as an abstract concept or as a strictly scientific principle, Time is part of life, of our lives. We run after it, we try to hold on to it, to catch up with it or to stay ahead of it… However hard we try, Time alone sets the pace, majestically.
    For Van Cleef & Arpels, Time is synonymous with poetry. The artistic challenge is to capture its fleeting essence without ever restricting it. 

    Jewels that tell the time are creations that call upon the Maison’s exceptional High Jewelry expertise to capture the hours in their most precious finery. Time confides itself like a secret or glitters brightly, magnified by precious stones.

    Each season, the Maison creates dreamlike watches with a bold creativity that never ceases to surprise. Faithful to a poetic view of life, narrative watches call upon limitless imagination to instill the watchmaker's craft with enchantment.

    Combining the jeweler’s art with technical prowess, each watch narrates a moment of grace, luck or happiness. Singular stories unfold on the dial to mark the passage of time with emotion.

    With its Poetic Complications®, Van Cleef & Arpels has introduced a rare quality to time: that of dreams. The complications – those intricate mechanisms which enhance the watch movement – are not simply masterpieces of precision, they bring enchanting stories to life. Complex movements enable time to be measured over the course of a day, the rhythm of the universe or a ballet of butterflies.

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