Tiger’s eye

A stone of the quartz family, tiger’s eye exhibits alternating layers of lustrous yellow and brown waves reminiscent of a feline eye. Among the Maison’s collections, selected Alhambra® creations give prominence to its characteristic iridescence and chatoyant effect, brought to life in the iconic Van Cleef & Arpels clover motif.

Renowned since Antiquity as a symbol of protection for warriors, tiger’s eye was also called “all-seeing eye.” Ancient Romans saw it as a sign of physical and spiritual well-being.

Van Cleef & Arpels selects stones imbued with a harmonious blend of light and dark bands, as well as straight, uniform lines.

Tiger’s eye is a relatively resistant stone that is easy to clean. For lasting enjoyment of your creation, the Maison would like to share the following care recommendations.

To protect its radiance and avoid abrasion, tiger’s eye should ideally be stored separately from other jewelry pieces in a case lined with fabric.

Repeated contact with any abrasive product could alter the shine of tiger’s eye. We advise avoiding any direct contact with perfumes, lotions, and hand sanitizer.

Shocks could damage the tiger’s eye. To avoid losing any part of the stone, we recommend that you avoid wearing the piece during any sporting activity.

You may clean your stone with soap water and a soft brush and dry it with a soft cloth.