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Treasure of Rubies

The heart of the earth beats with a treasure. Such is its rarity that Indians refer to it as “ratnaraj”—the king of gems. Like a sunbeam, it radiates with a burning light. Like a flower fringed with vermilion petals, it fascinates and beguiles.

Made up of 60 unique pieces, the Van Cleef & Arpels' High Jewelry collection Treasure of rubies showcases the beauty and majesty of the rubies. Much sought-after, with their color of burning embers, rubies of exceptional quality are often even rarer than diamonds.


Maha ring • White gold, pink gold, one pear-shaped DFL type 2A diamond of 8.03 carats, rubies, diamonds

Inspired by the treasures of the maharajas, this graphic ring is crowned by an exceptional DFL diamond weighing over 8 carats. This pear-shaped gem displays remarkable brilliance and vivacity, typical of the Maison’s cherished Pierres de Caractère.


Depicting a wealth of faraway inspirations, the 60 unique pieces that make up this collection reveal an imaginary world full of elegance and poetry.


Paisley précieux

Paisley précieux necklace with detachable pendant • White gold, pink gold, 16 cushion-cut rubies for 33.06 carats, one pear-shaped DIF type 2A diamond of 3.18 carats, rubies, diamonds

Featuring volutes that evoke the richness of paisley motifs, this necklace presents a rare ensemble of 16 rubies weighing a total of 33.06 carats. With its gradually decreasing sizes, the set of stones was particularly delicate to bring together.


Berunda bracelet • Pink gold, one cushion-cut ruby of 3.23 carats, one cushion-cut DIF diamond of 3.99 carats, rubies, diamonds

  • 3.23 carats cushion-cut ruby and 3.99 carats cushion-cut DIF diamond of the Berunda bracelet
  • Gouaché design

In a colorful conversation, a 3.23-carat ruby and a DIF diamond of 3.99 carats respond to one another in this bracelet’s inverted symmetry. Their cushion cut and generous proportions create a luminous duet of great harmony, symbolizing the Berunda – the two-headed bird of Indian mythology.

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Duo de diamants

Duo de diamants earrings with detachable pendants • White gold, two pear-shaped DIF type 2A diamonds of 21.26 and 20.37 carats, rubies, diamonds

In keeping with Van Cleef & Arpels’ cherished tradition of Pierres de Caractère, two impressive pear-shaped diamonds weighing 21.26 and 20.37 carats reveal their exceptional purity and whiteness on these earrings whose pendants are detachable.

Gouaché design


Elsa necklace • White gold, pink gold, one oval-cut ruby of 5.05 carats, rubies, diamonds

The Elsa necklace pays a discrete homage to the founder of the Maison Schiaparelli. Its links of pink gold, entirely set with rubies, overlap and intertwine in a multitude of glowing reflections. At the center of the necklace, an oval-cut ruby lends its warm and limpid purple glow to these precious interconnections.

  • Gouaché design
  • Setting work, bead setting


Priya transformable long necklace • Pink gold, one carved ruby of 25.23 carats, 214 ruby beads for 123.09 carats, pink sapphires, white cultured pearls, diamonds

Inspired by the Orient, this piece - which transforms into a short necklace and two bracelets - is completed by a detachable pendant adorned with a ruby weighing 25.23 carats. This exceptional stone is distinguished by the floral engravings typical of Indian jewelry craftsmanship that adorn it on each side.

  • Two sides of the carved ruby (25.23 carats) of the Priya long necklace
  • Gouaché design
Priya transformable necklace - Long necklace with the detachable pendant
Priya transformable necklace - Short necklace without the detachable pendant
Priya transformable necklace - Detachable bracelet

Amour sacré

Amour sacré clip • White gold, pink gold, red gold, Traditional Mystery Set rubies, rubies, diamonds

On the Amour sacré clip, Van Cleef & Arpels depicts the lightness of a nature in movement. Inspired by oriental floral motifs, each corolla combines the velvety softness of Mystery Set rubies with the brilliance of round diamonds. Inside the heart-shaped flowers, a pear-shaped diamond glitters like a symbol of tender feelings.

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Éventail souverain

Éventail souverain bracelet • White gold, pink gold, 13 oval-cut and cushion-cut rubies for 35.05 carats, rubies, diamonds

Set of 13 rubies - 35.05 carats - of the Éventail souverain bracelet

Inspired by the jarretière bracelets of the 1930s, the Éventail souverain bracelet showcases an exceptional set of 13 perfectly matched rubies, on a three-dimensional bow, weighing a total of 35.05 carats. The oval and cushion-cut stones are gathered in a composition finished off with nail setting.

  • Gouaché design
  • Polishing work, brush polishing

Jardin de rubis

Jardin de rubis necklace with detachable clip • White gold, pink gold, one cushion-cut ruby of 18.12 carats, rubies, pink and white diamonds

  • 18.12 carat ruby of the Jardin de rubis necklace
  • Jardin de rubis necklace with detachable clip. White gold, pink gold, one cushion-cut ruby of 18.12 carats, rubies, pink and white diamonds

An illustrator of nature since 1906, Van Cleef & Arpels here reinterprets the berries that dot woodlands in the summer. On diamond rings, bunches of rubies and white and pink diamonds evoke the delicious tones of forest fruits. This dreamlike design gives pride of place to an exceptional ruby of 18.12 carats.

Rubis flamboyant

Rubis flamboyant transformable necklace and ring • White gold, pink gold, one cushion-cut ruby of 25.76 carats, 18 oval-cut and cushion-cut rubies for 30.40 carats, one oval-cut DFL diamond of 3.09 carats, rubies, diamonds

  • Rubis flamboyant transformable necklace. White gold, pink gold, one cushion-cut ruby of 25.76 carats, 18 oval-cut and cushion-cut rubies for 30.40 carats, rubies, diamonds
  • 25.76 carats cushion-cut ruby of the Rubis flamboyant transformable necklace

One of the collection’s major pieces, the Rubis flamboyant necklace presents a ruby of extraordinary quality, weighing more than 25 carats. In echo to its fires, 18 perfectly matched rubies - weighing up to 4 carats - adorn the necklace’s ethereal motifs.

  • Rubis flamboyant transformable ring. White gold, pink gold, one cushion-cut ruby of 25.76 carats, one oval-cut DFL diamond of 3.09 carats, rubies, diamonds
The ruby by Joanna Hardy, gemologist and jewelry expert
Discover this exceptional gem through an expert’s eye.

The worn creations

  • Elsa
  • Duo de diamants
  • Maha
  • Neha
  • Esma
  • Chemin de rubis
  • Kolam
  • Liliane
  • Paisley précieux
  • Priya
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