Poetic Astronomy®


    Dazzled by the spectacle of the heavens and stars, Van Cleef & Arpels pays homage to the marvels of the universe through its creations. The Maison turns its gaze to the firmament to create pieces that combine the poetry of cosmos, precious stones and métiers d’art. Since 2008, the Poetic Complications® and Extraordinary Dials™ collections have welcomed new depictions of the universe, like the Midnight Nuit lumineuse, Lady Arpels™ Zodiac or Lady Arpels Heures Filantes. Time passes in a spirit of poetry, lulled by the sweep of the planets and the shimmering light of the stars.

    With the Lady Arpels™ Planétarium, the magic of the universe comes to life in a precious setting, encapsulated on a women’s wrist. This timepiece illustrates the Sun and the closest planets: Mercury, Venus and finally Earth, along with its natural satellite, the Moon. Each heavenly body moves at its actual speed, orbiting the dial in 88 days for Mercury, 224 days for Venus and 365 days for Earth. In a key innovation for this piece, the Moon itself rotates around the Earth in 29.5 days, performing a visible celestial ballet on the dial, day after day.

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