The art of watch-making

    The Retrograde movement


    The Retrograde movement is one of four movements featured in the Poetic Complications® collection. On displays known as “retrograde”, the hands trace an arc before returning instantly to their initial position, only to begin another journey. This constant dance of the hands makes it possible to create dials that are both original and highly spectacular. Van Cleef & Arpels uses this watch movement to surprise and amaze, bringing characters to life within a poetic world and ultimately, telling a story.

    In addition to the spectacular stories showcased on each dial, inside each retrograde movement timepiece, master watchmakers have inserted elements from the dial’s main design onto some of the mechanism’s components.

    Delicate little fairies, two romantic lovers, and graceful butterflies are scattered discreetly inside the Fairy, Pont des Amoureux, and Butterfly Symphony timepieces respectively. These playful, yet hidden, reminders of each timepiece’s theme are just another homage to the art of attention to detail as practiced by our Maison. These miniature elements truly embody Van Cleef & Arpels’ Poetry of Time®.

    With the Fairy, the Pont des Amoureux, and the Butterfly Symphony timepieces, the Maison offers poetic interpretations of three of its best-loved themes: fairies, love, and nature.

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