L.A. Dance Project in Marfa, Texas

Starting May 22nd, the Chinati Foundation, a contemporary Art Museum in Marfa Texas, will host a series of performances by L.A. Dance Project, supported by Van Cleef & Aprels. 


L.A. Dance Project was co-founded in 2012 by the dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied to create new work in collaboration with visual artists, musicians, designers, film directors, and composers.


More information:

Live stream performance in situ at the Chinati Foundation, on May 27th, May 28th, and May 29th :

- live stream accessible on the Chinati Foundation's website

- hosted on Periscope at 2pm (Central Time) / 9pm (CEST, GMT+2)


The Chinati Foundation

1 Cavalry Row, PO Box 1135, Marfa, Texas 79843

Open every Wednesday through Sunday from 9am to 5pm