Red jasper

Jasper is a sedimentary rock made up of silica and related to the microcrystalline quartz family. On the Zodiaque Leonis (Leo) long necklace, Van Cleef & Arpels highlights a type of red jasper featuring irregular brown inclusions that call to mind a lion’s coat. Thus accentuated, the mineral beautifies the piece with its intense nuances and its graphic quality. 


To create its pieces, the Maison selects varieties of red jasper featuring a rich color and subtle inclusions.

    Crafting the star motif unto the jasper stone

Taking its name from the ancient Greek iaspis, meaning “speckled stone,” jasper exists in a broad array of colors ranging from beige to green and red, enriched with highly diverse inclusions. Used since Antiquity, this stone has spanned civilizations, symbolizing ideals such as fertility and eternal life. 


To preserve its shine, jasper must be stored in a fabric-lined box separate from other jewelry.