Marlene Dietrich’s Jarretière bracelet: an audacious piece

The Jarretière bracelet was one of Marlene Dietrich’s most prized jewels. Purchased by the “Blue Angel” in 1937, this sizable piece is made up of a round and baguette-cut diamond motif surrounded by an ample disc set with cushion-cut rubies. The volume of the composition, together with the exceptional character of the ruby cluster, imbues the piece with a striking aesthetic. Marlene Dietrich was regularly photographed with this bracelet, most notably in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1950 film Stage Fright, as well as during social events and official ceremonies such as the 1951 Academy Awards.

The piece highlights a creative influence dear to the Maison since its founding: couture. Drawing inspiration from garters, Van Cleef & Arpels reinterpreted this accessory to create jewels that stand out for their bold and precious qualities.

The aesthetic design of Marlene Dietrich’s bracelet recalls the sapphire and diamond piece offered to Wallis Simpson by the Duke of Windsor to celebrate their marriage agreement, and which she wore on June 3, 1937 for their wedding at the Château de Candé in France.