Influenced by the hippie movement and various cultures around the world, jewelry in the 1970s embraced bold, vibrant tones. Coral, wood, mother-of-pearl and ornamental stones mingled with textured gold and gemstones in creations that shone both in daylight and under the stars.


Creation of the first Rose de Noël pieces

In 1970, the Maison launched the Rose de Noël™ collection in honor of the Christmas rose, a flower that blooms in winter. Initially designed in pink coral and diamonds set in yellow gold, Rose de Noël pieces give prominence to floral motifs and colorful materials to reflect the creative effervescence of the holiday season.


Special order for a Bird clip adorned with the “Walska Briolette” yellow diamond

When a client placed a special order to celebrate the birth of his son, the Maison set the 96.62-carat Walska Briolette yellow diamond in a transformable Bird clip. This exceptional stone depicted the precious bundle clasped in the magical bird’s beak. The bird’s wings detach to form a pair of earrings, the tail transforms into a clip and the diamond can be worn separately as a pendant.