An organic material, coral is prized by the Maison for its myriad hues, which range from white to the brightest red, often exhibiting delicate tones of dusty rose and orange. Whether fashioned into beads or custom cut for setting, coral imparts a warm radiance in Van Cleef & Arpels High Jewelry creations, as well as select pieces from Perlée and other collections.

    Gazelles clip, Yellow gold, pink gold, round diamonds, round yellow sapphires, round spessartite garnets, square-cut pink spinels, buff-topped black spinels, one cabochon-cut coral of 71.79 carats, Arche de Noé raconté par Van Cleef & Arpels collection

    Cabochon-cut coral of 71.79 carats positionned on the gouaché design of the Gazelles clip

Coral has been used in jewelry-making since Antiquity and can be found in the beads and protective amulets of various civilizations across the globe. The Celts would go into battle with coral-set helmets and swords, the Chinese transformed the material into miniature talismans, and African kings incorporated it into majestic finery.

The Maison applies the strictest criteria in its selection process, only using coral that displays a bright, uniform color and smooth, even surface.

To protect this natural material, the Maison recommends storing coral pieces in a fabric-lined box separate from other jewelry, avoiding excessive exposure to sunlight.