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    Van Cleef & Arpels creations are crafted from exceptional and delicate material. In this dedicated section, discover the advice and services of the Maison, to preserve their beauty and functionning.

    Care & Services

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    One or more services may be required to ensure optimal maintenance of your timepiece. Van Cleef & Arpels experts will do everything possible to ensure that all goes well . We suggest that you visit one of our boutiques for personal advice regarding our repair and maintenance services.

    Bracelet service

    Whenever possible, a bracelet may be sized or changed to ensure the perfect comfort and fit of the timepiece. Our craftsmen are also available to replace a component that does not require the opening of the watchcase.


    Upon quotation.


    Battery service

    The Maison recommends that the battery of a quartz timepiece is changed every two to three years. During this service, our experts also check the performance of the movement and the water resistance of the watch.


    This is a complimentary service.

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    Complete service

    Through your years of ownership, the watchmaking experts of the Maison will accompany you on a journey of care for your timepiece. The complete service, which is recommended every 5 years, ensures the perfect function of your watch by checking each of its internal and external parts.

    The most delicate step of the service involves the thorough disassembly of each component of the movement. These are cleaned, lubricated, replaced if necessary, then gently and accurately reinstalled. Finally, the watchmaker changes the seal and closes the case.

    Upon its reassembly, the timepiece is brought back to life. Finally, a series of tests is undertaken to guarantee the perfect health of your watch.


    This service starts at 360 €.

    Battery replacement service

    Restoration service 

    The restoration service honors the passage of time, years and generations recorded by your timepiece. Our expert watchmakers delve into the history and examine every detail of your watch. This painstaking service requires a great deal of expertise, including the possible manufacture of custom components. Most importantly, the original qualities and integrity of your watch are revived, while its individuality and the treasured memories that surround it are preserved.


    Upon quotation.

    Restoration Service