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    Van Cleef & Arpels creations are crafted from exceptional and delicate material. In this dedicated section, discover the advice and services of the Maison, to preserve their beauty and functionning.

    Care & Services

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    To ensure optimal maintenance of your jewelry pieces, one or more services may be required. We suggest that you visit one of our boutiques for personal advice regarding our repair and maintenance services.

    Polishing service

    Using special polishing tools, our artisans will restore the sparkle of your jewelry. This procedure eliminates most small scratches and minimizes deeper marks by removing an extremely fine layer of metal on its surface.


    For this reason, jewelry should be polished no more than a few times during its lifetime.


    Most pieces of jewelry in white gold are then placed in a rhodium-plating bath. Rhodium is a rare and precious metal from the platinum family. The plating procedure adds a very fine shiny protective coating onto your jewelry piece.

    Perlée ring polishing

    Sizing service

    This service is provided to ensure optimal comfort when the jewelry is worn. Sizing can only be done for certain pieces, depending on their technical characteristics and design.


    Changing the size of a ring involves adding or removing metal so that it fits the wearer’s finger comfortably.


    To change the size of a chain, our artisans delicately add or remove links between the motifs to the desired length, without altering its original esthetic balance.

    Sizing Alhambra ring

    Earring adjustment service

    Earring posts can be extended, shortened or removed for a perfect fit. Clip mechanisms can also be adjusted for optimal comfort.

    Earring adjustment

    Engraving service

    Van Cleef & Arpels offers the option of personalizing your creation by engraving the inscription of your choice.


    The feasibility of engraving depends on the technical characteristics and design of the jewelry (for example the available space).

    Perlée engraving

    Cleaning service

    We offer a full cleaning service. This process usually involves plunging the jewelry piece into a very gentle cleansing bath, before meticulously rinsing and drying it.


    Cleaning procedures may vary according to the nature of the jewelry components.

    Cleaning Service