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  • Palais de la chance

    The Maison has gathered together a myriad of lucky symbols, gleaned between heaven and earth and across the seven seas. Enter this enchanted world and make Jacques Arpels' maxim your own: "To be lucky, you have to believe in luck".

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  • Your lucky star

    Explore this incredible world to discover a star-studded sky, dazzling with the brilliance of many a precious stone. New constellations take shape, in which luck lights the way. Astrological signs, comets and shooting stars enchant the heavens, inspiring majestic creations.

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  • Lucky-charm nature

    On Earth, the natural world perpetually renews itself, teeming with beauty and harmony. Filled with wonder by the constant metamorphoses of fauna and flora, the Maison looks to Nature for elements that will bring luck to those who grasp them.

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  • Lucky legends

    Balanced between radiant sky and exuberant earth reigns Man and his imagination. Luck is his and he calls upon it constantly, conjuring up legendary animals, magic formulae or numbers and marvelous inventions.

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    "To be lucky, you have to believe in luck"

    Jacques Arpels