High Jewelry

Enlacing us in a warm embrace, the glimmering gold of the Ludo™ bracelet loops gracefully around the wrist.

The union of the world of couture and High Jewelry is a common thread throughout the Maison's history. Created in 1934, the Ludo bracelet is a celebration of this combination. Named after Louis Arpels' nickname, its flexible design is as supple as a precious belt. The bracelet's lines pay tribute to the classics of couture. Much like the belt accentuates a graceful silhouette, Ludo outlines the curve of a wrist.

Enhanced with abstract shapes and the patterns of Art Deco, the bracelet has renewed itself, while remaining true to its original design.

Ludo bracelet, yellow gold, sapphires, lapis lazuli, turquoise, diamonds

The mesh of the Ludo bracelet is delicately woven in "honeycomb" or "bricks" motifs by the Maison's craftsmen to heighten the effect of a supple ribbon. The metal is then studded with precious and hard stones creating a harmonious union.

Star of the 1930s, the Ludo bracelet is an ode to modernity, like the Maison's other timeless inventions, the Minaudière™ or the Mystery Set™. It blends innovation and French elegance. The collection's muse, Hélène Arpels – Louis' wife – would wear the bracelet over gloves or long sleeves to highlight its lines.

Have you noticed how Ludo's bold patterns and strong lines evolve through the ages? Its timeless aesthetic has given rise to rings, watches or lapel pins.

  • Ludo briquettes bracelet, 1934, yellow gold, sapphire, enamel, diamonds. In the former collection of Sacha Guitry, Collection Van Cleef & Arpels.

    Ludo briquettes bracelet in the former collection of Sacha Guitry, 1934

  • Drawing of a Ludo bracelet, circa, 1946, Ludo collection,  Van Cleef & Arpels

    Drawing of a Ludo bracelet, circa, 1946